Resilimy offers a personalised roadmap to

improving human resilience

Empowering individuals to do better in their work life
– and in their life outside of work.

Helping everyone be more ready for life’s ups and downs.

All training is underpinned by our

360º Resilience Formula

Our response to a situation will always be determined by how we are perceiving
our wellbeing in that moment.

The more secure our sense of wellbeing, the more able we are to
cope and positively respond.

This can be applied in many areas
of work life, for example…

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What our clients say…

Resilimy’s approach is truly refreshing. The instruction and methods used to convey the core principles made the course very accessible to our team and have made a lasting impression on all who participated. As a result, we have decided to roll out the training programme across our entire company.

Kevin Gundle

CEO Aurum Research Limited

European Asset Management Firm of the Year < €20bn

The initial pilot resilience training programme was given a very enthusiastic ‘thumbs up’ by all participants, whilst they also developed a new appreciation for each other that will help them work more effectively together. They love the universal nature of the approach – “it’s not just for work” – and appreciate the company investing in their whole wellbeing.

Eric Soederberg

President & CEO

Sunrise Labs