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About the Resilience Training Academy

RTA has been created to further our vision of a paradigm shift in wellbeing and resilience, so that all people can access their innate wellbeing and become resilient, healthy and contributing members of society.

RTA was born from iheart, a charity that has been operating for over seven years in the wellbeing sector. In developing a unique, evidence-based Resilience Framework with proven results including the publication of an academic research paper in the “Journal of Public Mental Health”, the classroom, teacher’s lounge and corporate boardroom became the unusual ‘laboratory’ to test, improve, and refine the framework and programmes.

The RTA has trained over 1100 facilitators in 22 countries, making a real difference to the lives of countless people.

Why this work is so important

Society is experiencing less wellbeing than ever before.

1 in 6 people

in the UK are experiencing poor mental health
at a cost of over £100 billion per annum

15% of working age adults

globally were diagnosed with a mental health disorder

12 billion working days

are lost globally every year to anxiety and stress at a cost of c£1 trillion in lost productivity

1 in 5 adolescents

will experience a mental disorder in adulthood according to WHO Data

We believe that everyone has the ability to be more resilient more of the time. Explore our youth and adult training courses below.

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